Latest Happy Dussehra Messages 2019 | Dussehra Messages and SMS for your Family and Friends - Latest Dussehra Messages 2019

"Dussehra Messages" - Top Collection of Happy Dussehra Messages

"Happy Dussehra Messages"

"Happy Dussehra Messages and SMS "- Latest 2019 Dussehra Messages and SMS | Dussehra Messages for Family and Friends

If you wish to achieve success,
Do not give any excuses.
You should follow what your heart says,
and do your mind generates.
Wish You A Very Happy Dussehra Dear

It is not possible to change what happened,
But your bright future is in your hand.
So, if you waste time thinking past,
You just can think a great future.
Happy Dussehra To You

There are three keys of success,
that you should remember in your life.
Hard work
Believe your self
and that is.
Hope this Dussehra brings success in your life

Every successful person was
like you once upon a time.
Start like them
to be like them.
Happy Dussehra

May this Dussehra surrounds you,
With it Holy and Truthfulness.
Lord Ram should fulfill,
All your demand.
Happy Dussehra, May God Bless You

Wishing to the God,
That this Dussehra brings,
Happiness in your life,
And many more.
A very very Happy Dussehra to You

The greatest gift that
You can give someone,
On this Dussehra is
Make someone happy.
Happy Dussehra

Start your good work with
This wonderful day.
If you have any problem,
Find the right way.
Happy Dussehra to You

This great festival of Dussehra,
enjoy it as never before.
Also makes other to enjoy it,
and take them in your happiness.
Very Happy Dussehra


"Happy Dussehra Messages 2019" - Wish Your Family and Friends this dussehra

"Happy Dussehra Messages 2019"

This is the best collection of "Latest Happy Dussehra Messages 2019" | Dussehra Messages and SMS for your Family and Friends - "Latest Dussehra Messages 2019"

Celebrate this Dussehra,
with your family,
Make them happy,
you be happy

Life is like a Mirror,
If your break it,
It will scatter you
And the world

Burn all your dumb things,
Present in your brain.
Start this great festival of Dussehra
With your refreshed mind.
Happy Dussehra

Learn all the qualities of Lord Ram,
Because his was known for his qualities.
His single quality,
can make a big change in your life.
Happy Dussehra to all

Very very happy Dussehra to you
and your family.
I hope
you claim high and high in your life.

This time is for the celebration,
the victory of good over the evil.
The situation when the world sees,
the power of good than evil.
Happy Dussehra

Happy Dussehra to you
and your wonderful family.
May god keep protecting you
against the evils.

Let this joy of Dussehra
enhanced the joy in your life.
You may look ahed
and keep climbing high.
Happy Dussehra to you

If you want to be successful,
Your desire for the success
should be greater than
the fear of failure.
A very very Happy Dussehra

"Happy Dussehra SMS"

Happy Dussehra Messages and SMS - Latest 2019 Dussehra Messages and SMS

The future belongs to those
Who believe in the
Beauty of their dreams.
Happy Dussehra to you

Keep your aim
Above the mark,
To hit the mark.
Wish you a very Happy Dussehra.

Start where you are,
Use the brain what you have,
And do what you can.
Happy Dussehra to you and your family.

Don,t find opportunities,
Because they don,t happen,
You have to create them.
Hope your great Dussehra this year.

Do not discuss what you are,
Create yourself,
And people will discuss who you are.
A very Happy Dussehra.

Live your life such that,
It should become a example,
How to live a life.

You don,t need to push
to achieve goals.
If you care them,
they will pull you.

You must your own ways
Because no one knows you
Better than you

Nothing is impossible
in this world.
We can do anything
what we can think

May the blessings of
Lord Shri Ram
Should be always with you
and your family.
Happy Dussehra to you

May your troubles burn
with the burning Ravana
and multiple your
Happiness in your life.
Wish You Happy Dussehra

"Happy Dussehra SMS 2019"

Forgot all the incidents
in the past.
Come with new light
to make your future.
Wishing you a very Happy Dussehra

I pray to God,
to give you good health
as well as wealth.

You and your family
should be blessed with
the choicest blessings
of Lord Ram

Let us come together
on this auspicious day.
Start a new relationship
to make new ways

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